In the Corner of the Cafe {31 Days of Anything – Day 3}

She sat across the table from me at a local cafe.

It was the day after “giving up everything” and I could already see how much better this life was than the one I had been trying to write on my own.

We got to know about each other… Jobs… Family… Things we do with our spare time.

But then the the conversation shifted toward faith, specifically what her family believes (which happens to be very different from what I believe.) In that moment, I had a choice: Do I walk away simply glad to have met this young woman and thankful to be “building a relationship” with her? Or do I step out in trust and share about the God who means everything to me?

Thinking about my decision to give God everything and trust Him with anything, I took the jump… in a simple question, “Would you also like to hear a little about what I believe too?”

“Yes” was her reply… true and genuine. She wanted to know. It was as if she had been just waiting for someone to ask.

And so there in the corner of that restaurant, I got to share about The One who has changed my life with His love and grace. I got to share about the beauty of a relationship with a God that doesn’t expect us to work and work and work to try to achieve some list of man-made achievements that only few ever attain, but rather a God who said, “I know you can never get to Me on your own, so I’m here to pave the way… I’m here to come get you and bring you back to me.”

Her questions continued, and by God’s grace I was able to answer most of them in what I pray was a way that encouraged her to keep her heart open, not belittling her current beliefs, yet clearly speaking the truth I know.

I’m not sure where my new friend is in her journey, but I can tell God is pursuing her heart! And I can rest in the truth that she has heard the message of Jesus and “faith comes from hearing.”

It’s all in His hands! And in the end, I am one who feels blessed to be a part of the story God is writing in her life!

So my prayer remains, “God, give me enough faith for whatever stories my life will hold…”


Please join me in praying for my new friend and the conversations that continue out of the time described above at the cafe. Pray that the Holy Spirit would take hold of her heart and open her eyes to the abundant life Jesus has waiting for her! Pray that He would continue to give me and other Christians she meets the wisdom, words, and grace to keep pointing to the One who can change everything for her!


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