A Weekend of Anything {31 Days of Anything – Days 7-10}

I apologize for not posting the past few days. I wanted to, but realize that sometimes the “anythings” of life call you to ignore your normal routine, abandon technology more, and simply experience the anything.

This weekend was one of those times as I had the opportunity to travel with 10 middle school students and 2 awesome adult leaders to Ohio for a retreat. We gathered with 400 other students and leaders for a few days of fun and Jesus and driving and dancing and music and devotions and more. Now I know some people react to that with skepticism wondering how the phrases “400 middle school students” and “fun” can occur in the same sentences, but they truly can. And they can because it’s part of God’s “anythings.”

Sure there is a lack of sleep, an abundance of sugar-induced energy (in the students at least), teenage hormones/drama, and long hours of driving, but it’s all worth it for moments like this:

– getting to know a lot of the 8th graders who will be in the high school groups I lead next year
– hearing the ways God had shown up in their lives at the end of each day in family time
– laughter, lots of laughter
– a room of 400 middle schoolers standing to their feet clapping and cheering, unprompted, as a chalk drawing and video come together to clearly speak of the death and resurrection of Jesus who lives inside each of them.
– friendships built and grown
– interactions with other leaders who love youth and love Jesus and love seeing youth grow in their love of Jesus
– laying there after lights out listening to girls giggling, moments treasured, pure joy and delight
– students understanding true grace for the first time
– 6+ hour car rides with middle school boys who always leave you wondering what may come next… Mostly ridiculous comments and insane amounts of junk food, but scattered with occasional serious moments where real connections are made.

Thanking God for middle schoolers today and the things they teach me about life and God and his great love.






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