The Mundane {31 Days of Anything – Day 14}

Checking email
Preparing for meetings
Figuring out roadmaps for songs
Brainstorming ideas for college student care packages
A walk around the neighborhood
Making 5lbs of potato wedges to freeze
Doing the dishes
Packing a house to move

The mundane. The everyday. The ordinary.

This too is “anythinghttps://joyfullyblessed.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/everything-31-days-of-anything-day-2/.”

This is what I was called to in today.
This is where I saw God and prayerfully He was able to use me.
In the midst of a week packed full with situations that seemed perhaps bigger or more important than some of what was above. However, today, it was a nice change to see God also works in the little things.

Everyday can’t be a “life-changing” one. Sometime we need the common, the ordinary, the mundane. This is life too.


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