Crossroads, First Trinity

2014 CIY MOVE – Day 3


Today’s Theme:  This Changes Faith

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the game-changer in our lives. Today we will dig into the resurrection of Jesus Christ as a historical event as well as something that changes lives every day. We will be challenged to understand that a life centered on the resurrection is powerful and good. (Luke 23, 24; Matt. 23, 1 Cor. 15)

Today’s Schedule

  • Morning Session
  • Encounter (Personal Devotions)
  • D-Groups (Bible Study Groups)
  • Elective Workshops
  • Free Time
  • Evening Session
  • Youth Group Time

Prayer Ideas:

  • Continued prayer for our team as we connect
  • Prayer for students to get in the right electives that will encourage them in their faith growth.
  • Events of the day would help us think about how the historical event of the resurrection thousands of years ago still impacts our lives today.

Pictures from Yesterday:


Re-packing the van like pros!

Adventure Racing

Opening Evening Session – The Resurrection Changes Everything!


(More pictures and updates at

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