Crossroads, First Trinity

2014 CIY MOVE – Day 5


Today’s Theme:  This Changes Church

Today we’re focusing on the idea of community, especially what the biblical example of the church looks like and how the goal of the church should be to bring hope and life to the world. Students will see a picture of justice and the church as it was always meant to be seen. In our small group time we’ll look specifically how this looks in the life of high school students as they discuss what it means to include outsiders.  (James 2:1-13; Mark 2)

Today’s Schedule

  • Morning Session
  • Encounter (Personal Devotions)
  • D-Groups (Bible Study Groups)
  • Youth Group Mid-Week Adventure
  • Evening Session
  • Youth Group Time

Prayer Ideas:

  • Pray especially over our Bible study today as we discuss what it looks like to be a youth group that is welcoming to outsiders and outcasts
  • For a fun, safe time during our Group Free Time this afternoon and that in this time we would be witnessing God’s great love.
  • Pray for students who perhaps haven’t figured out how they want to use their money or other talents and gifts for the “Be a Blessing” project. Ask God to open their eyes to opportunities in the last days.
  • That we would understand the beauty of being in the community called a local church, with its joys and challenges.
  • We’re probably getting pretty tired by now; pray for renewed strength and energy

Pictures from Yesterday:










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