Crossroads, First Trinity

CIY MOVE – Be a Blessing

At the start of our trip, students were given 15 one dollar bills with this simple instruction: use this to bless others on our trip.

They could add their own money to it, pool their money together to make a bigger impact, use it all at once or 15 different places. The only guidelines were that they needed to use it to bless or serve someone (or more than one someone) outside our group before we get back to Buffalo.

Here are some stories of how students have used that (and some of their own money!) so far on our trip to Be a Blessing:

– Some was given to LP, our Adventure Racing Guide at our pre-event. (Monday)
– As we pooled our meal money together in order to pay for our meal at Sonic all at once since that was easier, we ended up with $24 over our bill that we were able to give as a tip to an unexpecting server. (Monday)
– We surprised the students by taking them to IHOP on Tuesday. They had pancakes for $.56 for IHOP’s 56th anniversary. While our bill was only about $8, many had the idea to tip not only our waiter well, but also the hostess and line cooks. We ended up handing our $45 in tips to workers in the restaurant.
– A group of girls wanted to just have some fun around campus with some of their money, so they went around leaving dollar bills on vending machines, in elevators, on doors and more. While waiting for the doors to open for evening program, we even started a game of picking a random name, walking around the crowd yelling it until we found someone with that name and then just handed them a dollar and walked away. The reactions were priceless and was one little way to make people’s day.
– Offerings. This week at CIY MOVE, we have been learning about an organization called 1Mission. I’ll dedicate a whole post to it when we get back, but some of our students have used their Be a Blessing money as well as some of their own to build homes through 1Mission.

Continue to pray for us as we learn the joy of giving and blessing others!



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