Crossroads, First Trinity

2014 CIY MOVE – Day 6


Today’s Theme:  This (the resurrection) Changes… Forever

One of the biggest challenges coming off weeks like MOVE or Workcamp or other mission trips is coming back home to “real life”. Today we’ll look at those struggles straight on and figure out not only what it looks like to hold onto our faith in the tough times in life but also be challenged to work in God’s Kingdom every day of our lives back home. (James 1:2-18; 5:7-20)

Today’s Schedule

  • Morning Session
  • Encounter (Personal Time with God)
  • D-Groups (Bible Study Groups)
  • Electives
  • Free Time
  • Evening Session
  • Youth Group Devotions/Week Wrap Up

Prayer Ideas:

  • For the transition back to NY
  • For students and the group as they are encouraged to take a “Kingdom Worker” card which challenges them to do something big for God’s kingdom in the coming year.
  • For everything from the week to come together and make sense that the resurrection of Jesus really does change everything and that we’d be filled with a deep desire to share that truth with those who don’t know Jesus
  • For a restful night’s sleep for the adults who have to drive tomorrow.

Pictures from Yesterday:












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