31 Days to Just Write

Just Write {Day 1}

Lately I’ve been looking around for little ways to spend my time that restore joy and calm in my everyday life.  Writing is one of those things for me. Yet, beyond a few lines in my journal each day it’s not something I do often. So, when I saw this October challenge come around to write on a blog everyday for 31 days, I decided to jump on again.  

Of course then came all the reasons I shouldn’t: 

  • I have really blogged in a LONG time, isn’t it weird to just randomly start again?
  • What in the world will be my theme? (You’re supposed to pick a theme and write for 31 days on that theme. In the past I’ve done: hope, intentionality, and imperfection.}
  • Can you really stick up with it? Last year you only made it about halfway?

Despite all of this, I kept feeling like this is something I need do… mainly for myself, but prayerfully it might encourage some others along the way.  

And so after days of tossing around possibilities this morning I finally landed on my theme for the month:

Just write. 

Who know where this month may lead, but I hope this is a space where I can pause at least once a day, look around me, and document whatever God is doing.  I pray this is a month with eyes wide open, expecting God to show up and my job can be to see it and proclaim it.  31 days to focus less on getting it “just right” and instead to “just write”! 

Here we go! 


3 thoughts on “Just Write {Day 1}”

  1. Glad I saw this! I have been making excuses not to write, too, but it’s the best release for me! I think I am going to take up the challenge, too!

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