31 Days to Just Write

But Tonight… {just write – day 3}

So there are a lot of reasons that I look forward to prayerfully being married someday. Most of them are reasonable, godly, good reasons. Some are more practical and perhaps even selfish. Today my top reason falls in the latter category:
Maybe, just maybe, once I’m married I won’t have to be the mouse hunter anymore!

In this 31 day “just write” challenge, I also challenged myself to just be real. So let’s be real here: it seems that no matter how clean I keep the house, or how many times landlords search for places mice could possibly get in, this time of year in every place I’ve lived in here in NY, I’ve had at least one tiny visitor find their way in from the cold coming our way. These are the times when this quote from the book I mentioned yesterday might come into play:

“Although particulars differ, the strain of ministry is hard on both single and married women. … Everything that is required to maintain life, single women do for themselves. In our family, I manage the bank account and Josiah manages the technology; I make the side dishes and he grills the meat. We divide our work. Yet single women do everything for themselves while working their demanding ministry jobs. ” – Barbara Bancroft

And here I sit, home from an amazing, but long day at work, reflecting on all God did, chatting with some friends online, doing a little blogging… and listening to the sounds of something moving somewhere in my house that shouldn’t be in my house!

Sometimes things like this can be overwhelming. Some days it makes that selfish longing for a guy to take care of these things even greater. Some days these “little things” push me over the edge. 

But tonight, it’s okay. Maybe even better than okay.

Tonight, I’m thanking God for my years as a camp counselor that thought me how to suck it up and deal with things I don’t really like doing.

Tonight, I’m simply greatful to have a warm bed to crawl into and a roof over my head and so many other blessings that so many others don’t have (even if that means sharing with a little friend that I can’t wait to kick out.)

Tonight, I’ll just put out some traps, notify the landlord, and head to bed praying to Jesus (literally) that it stays out of my bedroom!


1 thought on “But Tonight… {just write – day 3}”

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on this! As a married woman, I am able to reflect back on this. I realize now that as a single woman, I didn’t have a choice. I just did things I didn’t want to because they had to be done. And even when I longed for someone, I was thankful for my independence.

    Now that I have a partner, I am less willing to do things I don’t want to do, because I can ask my husband to do them. I also rely on him more than I would like to admit. In a sense, I miss the independence I had and the willingness attitude I had to just take care of things.

    I am thankful for my partner and glad you pray for that person for yourself!

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