31 Days to Just Write, God-Sighting Saturday

God-Sighting Sunday {just write – day 4}

Here are just a few of the many places I spotted God at work around me this past week:

  • Seeing people’s needs met AND having the resources to be part of God providing for others.
  • Good eye health… A full annual eye exam that came out great which is always a good thing given so many eye related issues in my family (also just super thankful for contacts and glasses because I can’t see ANYTHING without them!)
  • Our amazing preschool staff who were so quick to get the kids out of the building Tuesday when the fire alarms went off (turned out to just be a bad smoke detector in the gym… Also saw Jesus in Tim Hartnett who did SO much to get everything fixed and back in order.)
  • Two random guys who helped me pick up everything that spilled all over the middle of the sidewalk in the rain when the bottom of the box I was carrying across campus broke and then offered to help me carry it the rest of the way. 
  • Unexpected amazing conversation with three awesome UB students who love Jesus and want to know and love Him more… Being in the right place at the right time to be a part of God’s work in their lives. 
  • Weekly Wednesday prayer with a best friend before work … God ALWAYS shows up there!
  • Laughing… A LOT … with my high school students on Thursday night, seemed to be what many of us in the room needed.
  • Lunch with my beautiful friend Emily on Friday… She’s just so real and honest and loves me for who I am. 
  • A super productive Saturday with glimpses of God all throughout… Worshipping with some amazing ladies at the first youth band rehearsal of be year, cleaning out a hall closet that is perhaps now more organized than when I first moved in, worship with The Lord’s Supper, and ending with a rowdy game of Russian Uno with 12 people all crammed in a dinning room on a cold rainy evening.  


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