31 Days to Just Write

In Our Time {just write – day 6}

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, I get to spend the beginning of this week with some amazing people in Chicago.  These fellow Wheat Ridge grant recipients are doing incredible things to change the world where they live.  The room I get to sit in again today and again tomorrow is filled with other young adults who want to see God do amazing things through their lives.  The grants these people are doing include projects working with youth, refugees, elderly, families dealing with HIV/AIDS, college students, veterans, adults with developmental needs, young adults aging out of foster care, and more.

One of the first things we did last night was to go around the table and just hear about each others’ projects and the joys and challenges we’re currently facing in the midst of them.  It was incredible!  It also reminded me of a passage that is becoming one of my very favorite in the past month or so.  I’ve been trying to pray this every day since I came across it and dream a little as I pray:

“Lord, I have heard of your fame. I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord, renew them in our day; in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.”  Habakkuk 3:2

When I read in Scripture stories of people being healed by faith when a shadow of someone who had been with Jesus fell on them (Acts 5:12-16)… Or 3,000 people being baptized spontaneously on one occasion (Acts 2:41)… Or one boy’s lunch feeding thousands with more leftovers than they even started with (John 6:1-14)… When I read of these things, sometimes I wonder if God’s still in that business… If I’m honest, I find myself praying hesitantly, expecting God to show up, but not necessary SHOW UP!!! 

Habakkuk has a different view on this.

If we know this is who God has been in the past, and we’ve heard of amazing things He’s done, then let’s get on our knees and beg him to SHOW UP again.  Our God does not change,  He is the same yesterday and today and forever, and I’m reminded of that as I look around the room this week.

So, I invite you to dream a little with me about what God might do in OUR time… In OUR world… In OUR communities… In OUR families… In OUR lives?!?

If you haven’t answered it yet, here’s another chance to think about yesterday’s sentence starter, with a slight twist… “Wouldn’t it be awesome if God did ___________ in our day, in our time?”  How might you fill in that blank?

Lord, we have heard of your fame!
We stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord!
Revive them in our day;
In our time make them known!


2 thoughts on “In Our Time {just write – day 6}”

  1. There is SO MUCH I love about this post! I am still processing it all! What an amazing experience you must be having in Chicago!

    “Wouldn’t it be awesome if God provided people to speak His Word as encouragement and love to others in our day, in our time?!” And He does! Thank you for your words, a gift from the Holy Spirit!

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