31 Days to Just Write, Music, Prayer

Forever Faithful {just write – day 11}

Some of my favorite prayers come in the form of songs. Here’s a new one I recently discovered on a run (thanks Spotify radio!)

Forever Faithful

I see the battle raging
waging war against my soul
My heart and flesh are weary Jesus
So here’s my prayer, oh Lord

I wanna be faithful no matter what
I wanna be stronger not giving up
and even in the fire let me be found
forever faithful

When darkness comes against me I won’t run
I will stand upon the rock of Your great love
Though thousands fall around me I will hold my head up high
cause the promise of Your presence is enough, is enough

Create in me a brand new heart
God give me faith to overcome
Fill me with strength when I have none

Words and music written by: Travis Ryan, Holly Starr, Scott Cash
Holly Starr Publishing (admin by Fun Attic Music) (SESAC)
McTyeire Music (Admin by Music Services) (BMI)
© Integrity Worship Music/Travis Ryan Music/ASCAP (adm worldwide at CaptiolCMGPublishing.com excluding the UK which is adm by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family)

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