31 Days to Just Write

Obsessed {just write – day 13}

So, I have the awesome honor of the title “godmother” to three BEAUTIFUL little girls.  In this role, I committed to pray for these girls each day, to pray for their parents each day, to remind them of their identity as God’s daughters through their baptisms that I got to witness and to make it clear in their lives as often as possible that Jesus loves them, adores them, and is worthy of them putting their trust in Him.  What I didn’t expect is how much THEY would remind ME of these things.

One of my goddaughters has recently become fascinated with my name and watching videos of me.  It started with one simple video I sent where I told her I loved her.  She played it over and over and over.  More videos have been sent back and forth and she continues to annoy her parents and siblings by playing the videos on repeat whenever she gets the chance. The other day I received a video of her in tears. The caption was that she was sad because she couldn’t understand why her mom would be doing anything on her phone other than watching videos of me.  I’ve been threatened to have someone follow me around all day yelling “Beba Beba Beba Beba” just to get an idea of the “torture” their family goes through each day.

In a word, she’s obsessed.

Tonight, as I got to the end of a good but super long day, I received another video from my beautiful Goddaughter saying my name over and over (in an adorable costume none the less!).  As I drove home it struck me how much love I experience from this not-even-2-year-old… basic, unconditional, perhaps obsessive love… love that feels so undeserved.  Then I realized God’s love isn’t that much different.

In that moment, I heard Him using my goddaughter, HIS DAUGHTER, to whisper to my heart:

You do realize that I love you a bajillion times more than she ever could or that you could ever love her, right?!? Will you watch and listen for me? I’m yelling “Bekah! Bekah! Bekah!” all day, everyday. I love you! I love you! I love you! I always have and I always will. I adore you and nothing can change that. 

In a word, I’m obsessed!” 

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