God-Sighting Saturday {just write – day 17}

A few places I spied God this week:

  • Getting to worship with the youth band during rehearsal and Sunday worship and hearing some of their stories of how God is at work in their lives.
  • A five mile walk… sun shining on the colorful fall trees. 
  • Trip to tour the Fowler’s Chocolate factory with the Christ Family.
  • Gathering with other ministry leaders at the University at Buffalo to cover that school in prayer and to ask God to do great things beyond our imagination.
  • A healthy annual physical.
  • My beautiful Goddaughter.
  • A morning to just be still and seek peace over productivity.
  • Grace in missing a day in the blog challenge. 
  • A chance to gather this weekend for the women’s retreat to connect more with each other and Jesus and learn about prayer. 
  • Friends. I see God a lot in my friends!




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