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God all around… {just write – day 20}

This evening while I was on campus I got done with what I was doing a little early.  Another ministry also meets on campus on Tuesdays and I decided to wander over to the Union and see how their night was going.  They actually where in small groups when I got there so I didn’t interrupt but what was so neat about the whole thing was that on my way over I ran into another student I knew. She had been on my heart earlier in the day and I realized it had been a while since we checked in. The timing of it all was so perfect as she got off work (where I saw her) 2 minutes later and was able to chat for a while.  

If I would have gotten done even a few minutes later, or if I had just tried to ignore that voice in my heart (aka the Holy Spirit) and just went straight home, if I wouldn’t have glanced over to see who was at the desk, or if one of so many other things would have been different, I wouldn’t have run into her. But I did.  I’m learning it’s these simple things are perhaps where God shows up the most. He truly is all around us.  Praying for open eyes this week to see Him and join Him in His work. 

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