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Just Show Up {just write – day 21}

Every year that I do this #write31days challenge somewhere around day 20/21 is when I hit “writer’s block” of sorts.  I was tempted to just not write anything today or find an old post and “reblog” it.  But then I remembered this year’s theme I picked of “just write.”  So here I am, just writing. 

And the fascinating thing is that as I write, even in this moment, ideas worth writing about actually seem to be coming to mind, life becomes a little clearer, and that’s part of why I even started this challenge 21 days ago. 

Just like life, sometimes blogging is about just showing up.  Some days amazing things happen, but others nothing really seems all too interesting.  But perhaps those are the most important days.  Maybe for you parents out there it’s in making dinner when you’re already exhausted but I guess we do have to eat everyday.  Sometimes it’s taking time for a simple conversation with a friend, or being diligent in a routine job. 

We need the mundane as much as we need the extravagant.  And so here I am, on an un-blog-worthy day, just showing up. 

Thanks for showing up today to do life. The world is better because of it! 

Random snapshot of my just-show-up day out for a walk in the beautiful fall weather

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