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Truth for Today {just write – day 22}

One of my favorite authors over the past few years has been Ann Voskamp.  While I do enjoy her books and occasionally stop over at her blog, I think what I love most are her social media posts.  Using statements like #HonestPrayersForRealPeople and #PreachingGospelToMyself to describe her posts, it’s safe to say she’s an approachable, real person.

What I love about these posts is that whenever I come across them I can always either relate personally or someone immediately comes to mind who needs to hear what she posted.  Once again, relatable and honest.  

Here are two things she posted just last night that captured my heart– 

  parts for myself and parts for some of my friends. 

On Facebook: 

“Look–we’re facing some pretty big things, Lord. And you whisper: ‘Child, look–look at Me. Now, You’re facing the Best thing, who dwarfs all the other things.” And we exhale… And we get it, God… 

And you cup is close tonight and tell us: No matter what you’re facing, look into my face–and know it, and feel it: Your God is greater than what You’re trying to face, your God is bigger than what you’re trying to escape, your God is better than anything you’re trying to chase. 

And our problems fade in the light of Your gentle face, Your tender embrace…”


And on Twitter/Instagram

Lord, when I don’t like me, You still love me, You still like me, You still lavish me with acceptance.

When I am fed up with me, You invite me to Your feast,

When I am done — with me, with life, with everything, 

You whisper, “Hang on — I am making *all things* — *you* — new.” (Rev21:5)

And when I want to quit, You cup my face: “This great work I started in you? I won’t stop that beautiful work until you are fully, completely, gloriously beautiful” (Phil1:6, 1Cor2:7) .

So this becomes our brave & broken-hearted hallelujah, the one we sing into the dark, even when it’s hard to believe:

I am His Beloved, His Beloved, His Beloved… and even now I will be held.

In the name of the only One who loved us to death & back to the real & forever life… Amen.


And as I read these again, I realize that whether we had an awesome day or a not-awesome-at-all one, we probably ALL could use these reminders. We could all pray these prayers and benefit from letting these truths echo in our souls:

You are loved.

Our God is greater than anything we will face today.

Our God is better than anything we could chase or bigger than anything we could try to escape.

He is making ALL THINGS new.

He’s not finished, but won’t stop working until He is! 

We are His beloved and we are held.
Now let’s go do this day! 

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