31 Days to Just Write, Uncategorized

Your Story Matters {just write – day 24}

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift. It’s nothing tangible nor is it easy to describe. Yet, in its simplicity I found myself filled with gratitude.

The gift: someone shared part of their story with me in honesty and vulnerability and invited me to do the same. 

I realized that this gift, while extremely simple to give (maybe not always easy, but simple), it’s one that many people never receive. 

I am extremely thankful for my brother in Christ who took time to both share and listen. It was truly a gift. So rather than write more here now (or read for those of you on the other end of this blog), how about we just go out and give this gift.

Your story matters! 

So do those of people around you.

Let’s share them, today! 


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