31 Days to Just Write

Seeing People {just write – day 29}

I’m currently on vacation which means I have way more time to be writing on here, and yet, each day we’ve been here, I struggle to figure out what to write about.  Today is clearly the same as it’s now 10 p.m. and I decided, with hopes of finishing this 31 day challenge strong, to default to this month’s mantra to “just write”.

I guess one of my favorite parts of this trip have been the people.  We’ve encountered young people, old people, friendly people, interesting people, drunk people, helpful people and more.  Here are a few of my favorite interactions so far:

On our first day here, we set out in the rain to tackle the trolley/bus system to get groceries.  Our first challenge came when the stop where our app told us to get on the trolley only had a stop going the opposite directions.  A lovely elderly couple with umbrellas were walking past “not giving up their afternoon walk for a little rain”.  As they past I decided to ask if they knew where the closest trolley stop was. As we walked along with them to the stop, we chit-chatted and they shared they were from Buffalo, NY. As they turned to ask us where we were from we could only laugh our reply that we too were from Buffalo. Once we discovered we were all in the presence of WNYers we found out they were REALLY from Angola and us from Tonawanda.  As we were sitting at a different trolley stop this evening they drove past and even pulled over to wave.  I hope we get to see these wonderful people again and learn their names! 

Another wonderful woman I met is Soon. She runs the food mart just a few buildings down. When I went in there to get milk our first morning here we had quite the conversation with another woman Ronnie who lives in a condo just across from where Megan and I are staying.  Soon is a beautiful woman who was excited to see me again and meet Megan today when we stopped in for something else.  

We also have met some super helpful people the past few days like the man from the surf/skate shop where we rented kayaks today. Not only did he do his job well but went out of his way to share some places to check out while out on the water and had all kinds of tips as we left of fun things to do during our stay.

I’m learning that one of the things I love most about being on vacation with a VERY lose schedule is that I take the time to look a little deeper and actually SEE people.  While I can’t stay in Florida forever, I hope that’s one way I can keep the “vacation mode”going long after I return. 


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