31 Days to Just Write

God-Sighting Saturday {just write – day 31!!!}

Well, we made it! I managed to skip only 2 days I think and am hopeful to keep blogging as regularly as possible.  To wrap up, today’s a little different than a normal God-sighting Saturday reflecting on the past week.  Instead, here are few ways I’ve seen God at work specifically through this 31 day blogging challenge:

  • I process best through writing, so many times this month just in the act of writing, whether the entry ended up being publicly posted or not, it helped me pray through and process some things with God.
  • It challenges me to keep my eyes open for where God was at work.  Finding something that seems “blog-worthy” every day can be a challenge, but with such an amazing God He’s always up to something worthy shouting from the mountaintops (or through the blogosphere). 
  • The gift of encouragement is one of my favorite gifts I feel God has given me. I can only hope at least some of what I’ve posted the past 31 days has pointed to Him while brining encouragement and hope.
  • It forced me to put a priority on something I enjoy doing instead of letting the urgent of each day overwhelm moments for me.
  • At times, it made me share parts of what God is doing in my story that perhaps would have been easier to keep to myself, but multiple times God used it for His glory and to help others.

Thanks for joining me along the way! Hope you’ll stick around for what will hopefully continue to be regular posts around here. 


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