Devotional, Wonder-Full Wanderings

Wonder-Full Wanderings


It is one of my favorite times of the year. A season so full of anticipation  that it spills over and I find myself anticipating the season itself.  Forcing myself to appreciate each day, I make myself finish Thanksgiving before busting out the Christmas tree and advent wreath, but as soon as it’s over, we’re full blast into Advent hymns and red and green.

Aside from moving the furniture to prepare for all the decorations and getting the calendar readied for activities that fill the four weeks leading up to Dec 25, this has often been a season when God does some rearranging in my heart. So in the days leading up to the moment I can light that first purple candle, I often find myself wondering what God might have in store.

This year was no exception and as advent approached, the word “wonder” kept coming up everywhere I turned… In Bible passages… In comments like “it’s no wonder…” Or “I wonder what…”… In music … And more.  “Wonders of His Love” is the theme for the Vespers concert I’m next weekend.  In it we’re singing many song including the word wonder.

One of those songs is “I Wonder As I Wander”.  Thinking more of that specific song, it seemed to fit well this year.  Looking at the world around me and all that’s happening, as well as at my own life with its joys and challenges, I came to realize that many of us really are just wandering. Even when we have clear purpose and guiding from God, He often doesn’t give us much beyond the very next step.  And I’m beginning to think that maybe one of the reasons He does so is to try to restore our sense of wonder and awe at Him and His love.

So, fellow wanderers, I hope you’ll join me as I explore the wonder of Jesus this advent.  May it fully be a time of wonder-full wanderings with eyes and hearts open as Joy comes to the world!

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