I saw Jesus in the Tire-Delivery Man

A few weeks ago a friend’s kid asked me what my dream car would be.  I laughed and replied something to the effect of, “One that runs well and never needs repairs.”  I don’t think he was amused as he was expecting an answer including a make and model, but it’s true. As much as I’m thankful for the basic car maintenance skills I learned from my time as a camp counselor as well as for a repair shop that I trust, taking my car to get repaired is one of my least favorite things. I just want my car to work. 

Sitting at the shop this morning to get new tires is one of the last places I’d like to spend a morning off work (especially when you’re sharing the waiting area with a bunch of husbands who brought their cars in for their wives). As I began to have to make decisions about necessary repairs beyond just new tires, I felt myself beginning to get slightly overwhelmed.  

But then, God showed up.  Oh he didn’t make some grand entrance, and to everyone else he just was the semi-truck driver dropping off the day’s delivery of tires, but his presence brought a peace that I knew could only be from God.  

His occasional comment as he patiently waited in line behind me for the signature he needed while the man at the counter explained what needed to be done on my car reassured me I was making the right decisions.  His conversation with the repairman in general reaffirmed my belief that this was a place I could trust.  Just one more person saying “That’s what I would do” was just the peace and wisdom I had been praying for. 

So Mr. Tire delivery man, I don’t even know if you know Jesus, but thank you for being His messenger of peace today! 


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