One life…

I almost missed it there in the introductory verses: Luke’s account of the good news of Jesus wasn’t written to the masses as it seems Matthew, Mark, and John’s accounts are.  No, Luke put all of the effort to make a detailed account involving interviewing and collecting stories from eyewitnesses all for one man named, Theophilus. He describes it as an “undertaking”, a word that usually implies a lot of work.  He “carefully investigated everything” and he started at “the beginning”… all… for Theophilus.  While he might have known or perhaps hoped others might benefit from his work, it was enough to do it, for the one. 

And here we are thousands of years later and can clearly see that what Luke did for one, has impacted millions, perhaps even billions, as we continue to read his words today.  What I love most is the seeming connectedness of doing it for the one. So often we feel the pressure to make a BIG impact in the world and figure out how to reach as many as possible and sadly this so easily can leave us paralyized and doing nothing at all.  I’m thankful for this reminder this morning that one is enough.  And that God can do more through my faithfulness and obedience in impacting the one life He puts in front of me at any given time, than anything “huge” I might try to dream up on my own. 

It seems like Luke could have easily jumped on board with the mission statement at the church where I serve: 

Transforming our world, one life at a time, through the power of God’s living word.

Jesus, help me today and every day, be joyfully obedient to whatever you call me to do… knowing that you have the power to truly transform the entire world one life at a time, beginning with mine!  Use me today… for the one. Amen!


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