Giving Up Waiting for the “Perfect Weather”

Later today I will get a chance to be back on my college campus where I spent 4 of the most formative years of my life thus far. During my sophomore year I was a Resident Assistant on a freshmen girls’ floor. Our Resident Hall Coordinator, Jackie, picked a theme verse for all the RA’s in our dorm to center our year around. One of my most well-worn and favorite t-shirts of all time was our dorm shirt from that year with this verse printed on it:

“Those who wait for perfect weather will never plant seeds.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4) 

Whether it’s in trying something new, sharing our faith with someone near us, asking for forgiveness or having a tough conversation, we often feel the need to watch and wait for the PERFECT opportunitity. Solomon gives us some wisdom here that perhaps the “perfect” time may never come. 

Today is the day to plant. This is the week to sow some seeds. 2016 is the year to stop watching the sky, and to put a plan into place. 

The past few weeks God has been increasingly showing me the urgency of sharing the good news of His love.  It’s scary to think how people might respond but scarier yet is the outcome if I never even try.  I know I won’t get it perfect, but that’s what I love about the amazing grace found in this verse.  By God’s grace I can simply start planting.  

For the sake of accountability, I’m going to put it out there that my neighbor Jordan is one relationship where I feel God telling me to “stop waiting for ‘perfect’ weather”.  He doesn’t know Jesus and that makes me sad.  Unfortunately until recently, not sad enough to do anything about it. Today and the days ahead are each days God is calling me to plant seeds in his life and watch the way he waters and grows them.  We’ll see where God leads, but I think my goal is to talk to him at least once a week these next few weeks and then invite him to one of our services during Holy Week or Easter.  I often make excuses about inviting people on days like that because working in the church I am often super busy on those days as well and wouldn’t have opportunity to be as hospitable as I would like.  This year, I’m choosing to not wait for perfect weather and just see what God does! 

Where can you do some planting today, giving up focusing on the weather and instead focusing on the people right in front of you?!?

Let’s go plant!  


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