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MOVE 2016 – Monday – LOVED

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Today’s Theme: Kingdom Workers are loved.
Kingdom Workers know they are loved by God. The work they do isn’t an effort to try and earn anything; it is in response to what they have already received. Today, we consider these thoughts: God the Father loves me and God has a purpose for me. God’s love is active and invites us in to be a part of what He has planned. As we journey through the week, we’ll not only discover what the purpose is, but how we can be involved. (Eph. 1:1-14)


  • Adventures around Kentucky
  • Drive to Lee University in Cleveland, TN
  • Settle into dorm rooms
  • Opening Evening Session
  • Youth Group Debrief

Prayer Ideas:

  • Smooth transition into MOVE life
  • For people leading the whole event that last minute details come together and kick off well
  • For other MOVE participants we will meet
  • That we would all experience this week the truth that God loves us and has a purpose for us.

A few pictures from Yesterday:

heading out!
Petting the sharks… really it was awesome
a bridge over the shark tank
Movie at Jon and Miriam Adams’ House

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