Blessed are the merciful…

Mercy is undeserved, unmerited, unwarranted. It’s compassion inexpressible, grace unimaginable, love unconditional. 

Mercy is holding a door, holding a hand, holding a heart.  It’s that extra step or extra mile to show someone they matter.

Mercy doesn’t just “look past” our differences and our quirks, our idiosyncrasies or our weird behaviors, but celebrates them, respects them, forgives them.

Mercy is never just for “them”, we all need it in abundance.

Mercy is seeing the big picture and choosing grace over condemnation, respect over judgment, and people over all.

Mercy is strength to get through each day, because we know we need it daily, hourly, maybe more. 

Mercy, God’s mercy at least, is new every morning. There’s never a drought or shortage; it’s meant to be given… And recieved… in abundance.

Mercy doesn’t ignore wrongs done nor condone sin, no mercy triumphs over it all. 

Mercy is hope given in a hopeless situation, kindness to the undeserving, life to the desperate.

As our world seems to keep getting crazier and crazier… I find myself crying out more and more simply, “Lord, have mercy!” Sometimes it’s all I know to pray.  Earlier this week as I prayed this over my life, my friends and family, our country, and this world, I sensed God whisper back: 

I will and I am… and it starts with YOU.” 

It starts with one caring action that brings a little light into a dark room.  A candle lit that then lights others… That’s how mercy spreads… not just to our friends or family, but to the undeserving and yes, even to our enemies.  It’s possible not because of what any of us do.  No, justice was necessary, but Jesus took care of that.  So instead of pointing fingers or pointing guns, why don’t we start by passing on the mercy we’ve been given.  We are God’s hands and feet in this world and he wants to use us to pour out His mercy in this world and in the process carry out His promise that He is making everything new (Rev 21:5).

Let’s let mercy triumph! 

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