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Write 31 Days Challenge – Instant Motherhood

“So basically you’re an instant single mom to a 17-year old from another country whose third language is English?!?” 

As I heard someone say this to me this week, I realized again how “unconventional” this all really is.  Though those who know me aren’t surprised.  

My journey into, and now, through this year as “Mom” to my amazing foreign exchange daughter has been truly an adventure.  The awesome moments mix with the hard days; the excitement and confidence mingle with insecurity and doubt.  As people ask how I got to this point I’m not exactly sure how to respond, but I know God has been in it every step of the way and will continue to lead and guide. 

As we journey into October, a time when I have challenged myself in past years to join a 31 Day challenge to write every day for the month, some friends encouraged me to consider sharing some of my AFS Hosting journey here.  I’m not sure where the next 31 days will take us in this blog.  If it’s anything like my time with Elisa, there will be adventures around every corner.  But as best as I can be, I’ll simply show up.  I’ll write. I’ll mother. I’ll live this crazy awesome life God has called me to. 

Here we go. 


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