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An International Community 

One of the things I’m loving about being an AFS host is that I have so many opportunities to learn about other countries and cultures. Throughout the year AFS plans various events for the exchange students and families.  There are currently about 35 students from over a dozen countries (maybe more) currently  placed around WNY.  Back at the end of August we went to a Bison’s Baseball Game and yesterday we enjoyed a family picnic.  To look around a room and see teenagers from Germany and Thailand and Japan and Spain and Switzerland and beyond was such a fun experience.  The night ended with the students having some “forced fun” learning some square dancing together!  I’m enjoying being part of this AFS community this year!

Elisa’s 1st Baseball Game
AFS Family Picnic and Square Dancing
Elisa with something close to her flag but not really 🙂

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