31 Days of Instant Motherhood

On Mom Time – Efficency 

I’m all for being as efficient as possible and often think through a day or tasks to see what might be the best game plan for getting everything done.  This skill has become extremely useful as a mom and I’ve even managed to be even more resourceful with my time.  An example was Wednesday night.  I went straight from my work at the university and timed it right to get to the high school with about 2 minutes until Elisa’s game started.  I was originally just planning to hang around after the game before her Homecoming Powderpuff game, but then realized I had a whole hour.  Instead of sitting on uncomfortable bleachers for an unnecessary hour I instead went and got gas, picked up the groceries I needed for tomorrow, dropped the perishables back off at home and made it back in time for kick-off.  Not only that, but I actually remembered some shopping I needed to do for work at the grocery store and got it all done in one trip instead of having to go out tomorrow during work to pick it all up.  Yay for efficency!  Yay for a Tonawanda win for the volleyball game!  And yay for a senior win at the Powderpuff game. 

Now if only my daughter could remember everything she needs on any given day and prevent extra trips to home… 

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