Laundry, Pancake Batter, and a Throne of Grace

The last few days have been tough. Nothing specific has made them such, just the little things of normal life that add up to some frustrating, busy, chaotic, hard, or just random days.  

As I went to bed last night I decided to pick up a book I’m in the middle of to unwind a bit before heading to bed.  When I did, I was met with these beautiful words: 

“Draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Wow… those were the words I needed. As I read on the author of the book continued sharing about this verse and how that plays out on the tough days:

“The writer of Hebrew might as well be saying, ‘Hey fresh-out-of-amazing girl, you are welcome here.’ Do you know what being ‘welcome at this throne’ of God means? We can bring our burdens and busyness, we can lay down our shattered dreams, we can tell God we have never felt amazing, we can pour out all the lies our hearts have been believing, and we can certainly cry the bitter tears stored up in our grieving hearts. Friend, simply put, it is good for us to approach the throne of grace.” – Stacey Thacker, Fresh Out of Amazing (page 178)

Mmmm… that’s some good stuff for the soul!  As I got up this morning I decided I’d start the day at this throne of grace… and wow did God meet me there today.  The busy schedule didn’t get any less busy… the confusing situations didn’t get any less confusing… the hard work is still hard… and there’s still the task of getting your teenager to finish cleaning up the pancake batter that’s still down the front of the kitchen cabinet from Monday’s adventure with her friends… BUT at this Throne of Grace I did receive mercy and was able to find, to search for, to notice grace in time of need. 

Today, that grace just came in wave after wave… “grace upon grace”… as John talks about.  Oh yes, I had to look but once I did, I found grace all over the place today… 

Grace came in gathering with a friend, as we do each Wednesday morning, to pray the things of our hearts together. 

Grace again in praising Jesus while leading preschool chapel… reminding myself as I taught them that God really does have the whole world, including me, in His hands… and the sidewalks and the cows too 😉

Grace found in abundance while listening to the heart of an overwhelmed college student and being able to help her give herself a little grace.

Grace in the crockpot working hard all day making yummy a porkchop dinner for us and grace in a quick 10 minute nap on the couch while waiting for the rice to cook. 

Grace in working together with Elisa to do the dinner dishes (and finish cleaning up the pancake batter) allowing for conversation and connection in the process. 

Grace still crashing in again when Elisa remembered before me that she needed to wash her volleyball uniform, took initiative to do laundry herself, AND stopped to ask me if I needed anything washed while she was doing a load. Oh so many graces there. 

And now, to end the night, putting my laundry away listening to Elisa playing beautiful music on the keyboard which is in my room… 

Yea, there again … grace upon grace upon grace. 

Thank you Jesus for letting us draw near at your Throne… and while at work… and in the car… and while doing housework… thank you for the mercy that we receive there and the grace we find again and again and again.  Keep drawing us near. Amen. 

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