31 Days of Instant Motherhood

Sundays are for pancakes…

Forced family fun…

Maybe that was/is a thing in your house and maybe not, but whoever first made it up: I think you’re brilliant.  Thankfully not much “forcing” is necessary when implementing this in the Freed/Heldarskard home.  The fact that there are so many “American” things to explore and do with Elisa makes this a little easier as well.  

And fall… well it means pumpkin carving!  We had a great time yesterday creating these guys who have been affectionately named Stalin and Fred… you can decide who is who 🙂 

We were originally going to do the whole pumpkin patch adventure, but spending 4 times the amount of money on a much smaller pumpkin, and about 4 times the amount of travel time to be outside on a very windy cold fall day when we didn’t really have much time anyway, we opted for the “cultural experience” of a first visit to Trader Joes.

Then we headed back home, made some homemade hot chocolate and started carving. 

Today we had a great evening.  Sundays are officially (yes, officially) pancake day in the Freed/Heldarskard house.  We love both American and Faroese pancakes and have decided to enjoy some every week in one form or another.  Some families have “Pizza Fridays”; We have “Pancake Sundays”!   

Tonight we followed up dinner with an intense game of Uno… complete with a merging of ways to play to create a new set of “house rules”.  Halfway through dinner I posted this challenge on Instagram… 

As you can see, she accepted the challenge… and the proceeded to kick my butt…. and then took pictures of me and laughed at me while I did the dishes.  


Sundays are for pancakes

and bacon

and ‘forced’ family fun

and dishes 

and laughter… 

Let’s do this week!  

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