31 Days of Instant Motherhood

Mondays are for… 

So I’m so glad that Sundays are for pancakes and games and hanging out because Mondays are often for not really seeing each other at all.  Today I dropped Elisa off at school at 7:40 this morning and just saw her for the first time since then when I peeked in her room to say hi when I got home from choir rehearsal at 10:15pm. Occasionally we’d see each other quick at a volleyball game or dinner if it wasn’t a game day, but otherwise this is reality for Mondays… one more reason to be thankful for Sundays. 🙂 

But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a little time apart is probably good for us too. As a “single mom” and with only two of us in the house, it’s probably a good thing we have some time for ourselves … me when I’m home while she’s at school on Mondays and her while I’m at choir.  Still, one of my favorite parts of Mondays is coming home from choir and despite wanting to crawl right into bed, staying up and hearing about her day.  So thankful she’s willing to share. 

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