Here and Now

“72 people were baptized there this week”

“1.7 million people became followers of Jesus through our ministry last year.”

“2000 people showed up overflowing from the church”

“We were able to spend 13 trucks of rice after the flood destroyed that city.”

These are just a few of the things I heard at dinner a few weeks ago. I was sharing a meal with some friends as we enjoyed an evening with a brother-in-Christ, Neil, who runs a ministry that works all over the world. I had a chance to go on a trip with Neil a year and a half ago and I love any time I get to be around him. He has such a vision for God at work around the world and equips and empowers thousands of people to do the work of Christ.

More than anything I took away from that night the reminder that God is at work. God is alive. Here and now. In our time.

It brought a whole new meaning to a song I heard recently called “Here and Now”. It was written by People on a Hill which is a worship collective based out of Rochester NY. Here are a few of the lyrics:

“We have heard the stories
The fame and wonder of Your name
We have seen the glory
Your power on the earth displayed

In our day, in our time, make them known again
In our day, in our time

Why not here, Lord?
Why not now?
You’ve done it before
And there is still so much more
Here we are, Lord
The time is now…

This is the place
We are the people
Now is the time
For Your revival…

Here and now. Here and now!

We believe we’re about to see Your faithfulness like never before
We believe we’re about to see Your glory and power. ”

Jesus we trust that you are the same yesterday, today, and forever! You are faithful and you always have been. We wait expectantly for the ways you will work… here… and … now! This IS the place … WE are the people.  We do believe that we’re about to see your faithfulness like never before.  Show up with your glory and power Lord, today! Amen!

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