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Six Important Words

Last Saturday I spent almost an hour with my 3 year old Goddaughter wandering around our church’s annual mission fundraiser, a theme basket auction. It was great. I love this girl so much and was delighted that she had chosen to spend so much time with me despite so many other awesome people she knows and loves being around. After both of us put in most of our tickets, she decided to go back to where her mom was. However, within a couple minutes I felt those little arms wrapped around my leg again. As I picked her up for another hug she explained:

“I just love being with you.”

So many amazing things happened that day. We were overwhelmed by the donations of over 225 baskets, hundreds of people came to participate, old relationship were rekindled, new friendships were made, and that’s not to mention the $17,000 that will now make it possible for missionaries to go to Haiti, China, and Guatemala in 2018. It was a great day! As I sat at the end of it reflecting on all God had done though, what stood out most were those six little words a three year old whispered in my ear:

“I just love being with you.”

I wonder how our lives all might be a little better if we used this phrase more. Isn’t this the connection we all long for in our relationships? As humans we are created for community, designed for intimacy, made to be WITH others. All the way back in the garden of Eden, before sin even entered the picture God declared, “It is not good for man to be alone.” What might happen if we started saying … and living… these six words to the people around us?

“I just love being with you.”

Use them with friends. Speak them to your kids. Show the words to be true as you interact with coworkers and spouses, grandparents and teenagers.

I just love being with you.”

As I pondered why these six words are so powerful, I suddenly realized that my goddaughter’s three-year old voice was simply echoing another… that of our Heavenly Father.

Bekah, My daughter, I just love being with you.”

In a busy world with so many to-do list items to check off, things to clean, places to go, it’s easy to forget that we are called ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’. Oh how easy in our relationship with God do we slide down that slippery slope of working to earn His love or prove ourselves as worthy servants. Let all that fade away today as He taps you on the shoulder, invites you to climb up in His lap, and whispers in your ear:

I just love being with you.”

1 thought on “Six Important Words”

  1. Bekah, This is such a great devotional thought. It’s a fresh reminder of how passionately God loves us and wants a relationship with us. I love how you help us to relate that thought to our friends, family, co-workers and others. Plus, it’s fun to see a picture of your Goddaughter! Thank you for sharing this message that God put on your heart. I thank God for you and for how He expresses His love through you. May you be refreshed in His tender love and care for you. Chris

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