66 in 52 Challenge

Reflections on Deuteronomy

I struggled to write this week’s blog reflection just because there were so many words, phrases, and themes that jumped off the page for me. I lost count of the times God talked about fighting for his people or reminded them/us that we don’t need to be afraid. I also read a lot of this book in a new translation (CEV) that I hadn’t read it in before which made new things stand out. One of those verses was near the end of the chapter in Moses’ song:

“Even our enemies know that only our God is a Mighty Rock.” (Deuteronomy 32:31)

God is our Rock, mighty, secure, reliable. This is why we can depend on Him to fight for us. This is why we do not need to fear. What stands out most in this verse though is the truth that even their enemies know how powerful their God is. We’ve seen evidence of that a few times throughout the first five books of the Bible and Moses is glad to repeat the fact.

Sometimes though perhaps our enemies know more about our God than we do. In the New Testament, the demons and evil spirits were proclaiming Jesus as the Son of God and Savior long before His disciples. Satan certainly knows that our God is a mighty rock.

Satan also knows who WE are because of Christ. He knows that we are powerful as well… that we are dearly loved and that nothing can separate us from God’s love. Our Enemy knows that we were created unique and special and with a purpose. The Devil shudders to think of the amazing plans God has for us to be used to bring Him glory in this world.

Last month at a conference I attended Priscilla Shirer spoke and said these words:

“What a shame it would be if the Enemy believed more about your identity in Christ than you do!”

What a shame it would be also if our enemies trusted God more than we do. As I reflect on this thought at the end of this week it is not one of guilt or condemnation, but it does convict a bit. It draws me out of fear and into trust. It takes away worry and invites me to depend on our God, the only Mighty Rock!

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