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Sweet Home Senior High {School of the Week 17-18}

This week we thank God for and pray for Sweet Home High School!
Fast Facts:

  • Founded: 1956
  • Grades 9-12
  • Mascot: Panthers
  • Colors: Blue and Gold


  • Pray for all the students of Sweet Home Senior High, but especially our First Trinity high school students: Matthew, Ian, Katie, Paige, Mike, and Nikki. Ask God to walk with them each day and give them opportunities to live out their faith at school, in extracurricular activities, and in their homes.
  • Pray for their administrators, faculty, and staff.
    Principal: Mr. Scott Martin
    Assistant Principals: Dr. Keli-Koran Luchey and Mr. Joseph Zwack
  • Ask God to give all who lead the students wisdom and grace.
  • Pray for the students who are on sports teams, in music programs, or participate in other extracurricular activities that they would perform to God’s glory, stay safe, and have fun.

2018-03-13 10.14.21


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