66 in 52 Challenge, Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Emily Phoenix

Back in January I launched the 66 in 52 challenge: to reflect on at least one verse from each of the 66 books of the Bible over the course of the 52 weeks. We just made it through the Old Testament this past week and are getting ready to jump into the Gospels. Some who joined the challenge have also taken the chance to read or listen through the entire Bible as well. Emily Phoenix is one of those people and today she shares a bit about the journey so far here on the blog:

The 66in52 Bible challenge that I began in January has been a welcome and needed opportunity for my devotional life.

I look forward to my drive time to listen to each reading. And while I haven’t always heard the words, I know that the act of listening is still important. And sometimes I find myself grabbing my Bible after I’ve listened to something and looking at it again.

Sometimes I sit in church and my mind wanders off while the Scripture is being read. The same thing happens in the car, but the great thing about audio technology is that I can listen again and again until I hear it and digest what God is revealing to me.

Click here to read the rest of Emily’s post!

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