God-Sighting Saturday

God Sighting Saturday {8-25-18}

2018-08-18-14-32-21.pngEach summer around our church we talk a lot about “God Sightings.” In our Vacation Bible School, High School Ministry trips, Mission trips and more we share daily where we saw God at work that day. It’s always a great reminder for me to be on the lookout for what He is up to. With that in mind, I’m reinstating a series I did for a while a few years ago in which each Saturday I simply blog about some of the ways I witnessed God doing His thing in the last week.

Here we go!

  • Time on Sunday evening to sit still for a while and journal for a couple hours. God really helped me sort through some things I was wrestling with.
  • My teammates are incredible! In addition to cool conversations and hard work together in the office, I got to enjoy lunch out with two teammates to start the week. One of my coworkers started his training at the seminary to become a pastor this week. Before he went off to St. Louis for orientation, we had one last lunch as “Three DCEs” (Directors of Christian Education). It has been a blessing to serve together so many years and I’m excited to continue to serve with these awesome people! The week ended with a spontaneous trip to the ballpark to watch a baseball game. I loved that I enjoy spending time with my teammates outside of work. God is truly at work in that team.
  • Our ministry at the university is starting back up next week. On Tuesday all the ministry leaders on campus gathered for our annual BBQ to reconnect after the summer. I saw God in conversations with two other leaders that both encouraged my soul heading into the year, and I pray encouraged theirs as well.
  • Sunflowers and gorgeous weather. While the week had some rainy moments, the week ended with a few gorgeous Buffalo summer nights. I also got to go have a picnic at a giant sunflower field with my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters. Being outside makes me feel close to God.
  • I’ve been working with some other campus ministry leaders to declutter and revitalize the set of rooms we all use for ministry on campus, including a room that is primarily designed to be a prayer room. That space specifically has become so filled with clutter it was overwhelming. Yesterday, we put some final touches on that room before the semester starts Monday. When I saw it complete and found myself dreaming of how God would use it in the year ahead, I couldn’t wait to see what He does!

Where did you see God working this week? Share in the comments below!

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