Bekah's Heart

Exhausted Yet Pursuing…

It’s no secret that my summer schedule was a little crazy. (I mentioned a few of the big things in a post last week so we won’t belabor it.) As I “re-entered” to “real life” the last couple weeks (and keep moving into the start of a new ministry year), a phrase from a Bible verse in the book of Judges came to mind:

“… exhausted yet pursuing…” (Judges 8:4)

That’s how this whole summer has been… one thing after another and longing for rest while knowing God was calling me to press on. This phrase comes in a situation where Gideon is leading an army into battle after battle. One fascinating fact I learned is that in Judges 7:9 God tells them to go down into the enemy camp because he “HAS GIVEN” them the victory. It’s past tense. Victory was secure. YET, they still had to go down to fight… to live that reality and destiny. How easy it would have been for them to get discouraged in their exhaustion and give up. Instead, they pressed on to see the victory.

It reminds me a little of the book of Esther as well. At one point God, through her relative, calls Esther to make a bold move that would either end with her death OR with the rescue of the entire Jewish race at the time. When she hesitated at first, her relative basically said that God would rescue them with or without her, but perhaps God had uniquely positioned her to get to join in on His work. She could be part of something great, or not… either way God would save His people.

The same is true for me. God will do what God will do whether I choose to join in or not. But for some things, He WANTS to use me. He’s made some specific things clear over the past few weeks that were unique opportunities that I knew were chances specific for me to join in. There were other things I realized were things I didn’t need to take on or keep doing because they WEREN’T my things to do. Sure, I could do them and God could use me, but He also could and wanted to use others too. My job was to invite them in. Either way, He has the victory.

So whatever battles you’re facing right now. Whether it’s battles of busy schedules, health challenges, broken relationships, financial hardships, or something else, know this: God already has victory in those areas… so “go down” and fight. Yes, you’re probably exhausted… keep pursuing… keep pressing in… keep resting in the promise of victory until it becomes reality. Just like God sustained Gideon and his army, just like He sustained me through the insanest of summers, He will sustain you.

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