God-Sighting Saturday

9-8-18 {God Sighting Saturday}

    • A congregation gathered to pound the door of heaven seeking wisdom which our faithful Father promises to pour out
    • Two hours on a couch with a dear friend, sharing life, sharing tears, sharing hope, sharing laughter,
    • Dinner and a walk watching the sunset over the river with one of the most beautiful women I know
    • Looking back and remembering a time when what I’m seeing around me now seemed absolutely impossible; hope for a time when what seems impossible now might become reality
    • Two of the cutest babies around giggling and climbing all over me while catching up with a dear friend
    • Energy to actually do the dishes despite so many things working against me on that specific day
    • Abundant provision via the farmer’s market
    • A car trunk and office full of snacks to share with our college friends at UB over the next few weeks
    • Our incredible volunteers at UB
    • People offering help out-of-the-blue for things I was too busy to even try to find help to accomplish
    • Friends who encourage me and give me chance to encourage them
    • Reminders of why I do what I do
    • A friend and colleague praying with me after a meeting on campus
    • Cute note cards and colored pens
    • Being able to serve and get to know my new neighbor when his water stopped working for over 24 hours and the landlord wasn’t showing up
    • Getting to spend time in my role as “Godmother” with at least one of my godchildren every day this week… who doesn’t see God in baby snuggles or preschooler hugs?!?
    • A gorgeous sunset on the way home on a cool evening at the end of a long hot day
    • Teammates I can trust
    • Catching up with my sister on the phone on her way home from work one evening
    • Homemade cookies served with ice cream

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