God-Sighting Saturday

Big God, Small Me {God Sighting Saturday}

Wednesday was a weird day. It was also kind of hard in all different ways… physically, emotionally, professionally, relationally. By the time we got to 5:00, I was D.O.N.E. But as I kind of mentioned last Saturday, it seems like these are the moments God steps in and shows up in the biggest of ways. Wednesday evening was no exception.

God had prearranged that a friend and colleague of some of us would be in town that night. And since he had never seen Niagara Falls, it made the itinerary. After a quick tour of the church three of us made our way to the Falls. Along the way we each shared about life and ministry and sports and family and whatever came to mind. That alone was fun and refreshing, a reminder of the fact that there is so much good (so much God) in life right now, smack-dab in the middle of the hard.

And then we got to the Falls… right around the time the sun was going down. Being near water and watching sunsets are two of my very favorite things in the whole world, so Niagara Falls at sunset brought some joy on a whole new level. The rain had cleared from earlier in the day, the temperature was perfect, the park was surprisingly not busy at all with other tourists. It was so peaceful.

As I think about it, it feels a little weird to call it peaceful when there are over 75,000 gallons of water going over the American and Bridal veil falls plus over 680,000 gallons over the Horseshoe Falls… every second!

That is a lot of water. That is a lot of power.

We walked along the rapids a bit leading up to the Falls and chatted about “the point of no return”. There comes a point when even on a fast boat, the power of the river is just too much.

Sometimes life feels a bit like that, but on this Wednesday what came to mind was the powerful love of God. I pictured God’s love like that water just pouring over the edge of those rocks. It just doesn’t stop, it keeps coming and coming and coming and no matter how hard I might try or what Satan may do to make me think God doesn’t love me, He’s just pouring it into my life at a rate I can’t even comprehend, drenching me in it.

Standing before this gorgeous wonder, sunsetting, with some awesome company, I was reminded how big our God, and how small I am. Sometimes feeling small is a bad thing, but in this context it was what brought peace. He is in control. He is enough. He’s the Creator of the universe AND He knows, loves, and delights in me. He’s big enough to have created this huge awesome world, and yet still wants to walk with me each day. He’s powerful, yet humble. Just and kind. Righteous and gracious.

Big God, Small Me. Yep, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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