A Prayer for a Friend (and me)

I wrote this prayer last night in a text message to a friend. Some of the lines were focused on her struggles, some of them maybe more on mine. Most of them focused on the truths God’s been speaking on repeat into my life over the last weeks and months.

So if you need some holy truths on a hard night (or morning) here’s a prayer that maybe isn’t just for me and my friend:

Jesus, we need you.

We’re tired. We’re discouraged. We feel overworked and overwhelmed and are just over it.

Remind us that you do not give to us as the world gives. You give good gifts. You give peace. Let your peace RULE in our hearts this night.

Don’t let Satan win. He only steals and kills and destroys and we’re just so sick of seeing his work around us and in us. Be bigger God. Bring life. Oh how we long for the days of abundant life. Restore our joy.

We need you.

We need you.

Calm our hearts and calm our minds.

Let peace rule. Let rest reign. Let our whole beings remember you are still in control.

Oh how we need you this night. Give us sweet sleep Jesus. We desperately need it. Amen

(John 14:27, James 1:17; Colossians 3:15; John 10:10; Psalm 51:12; Psalm 94:19: Psalm 127:2)

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