31 Days of Joy

Weekend Moments of Joy {31 Days of Joy}

Video chat with my godsons so they could show me their rock and dinosaur

A slow-start Saturday

A gorgeous day for a homecoming football game

Kicking off Sabbath with Mexican takeout (with leftovers to enjoy for Sunday lunch as well!)

FaceTiming with the whole fam

A couple hours in the hammock in the sun on a Sunday afternoon

A new month of dwelldifferently.com keychains, cards, and tattoos to memorize a new verse with my godkids and friends

Making music in worship

Another attempt at perfecting an apple cider donut recipe

Texting and FaceTiming some Buffalo connections

Sunday mornings in God’s word with 3 beautiful friends

A hard conversation with a friend

Home Reno TV shows


Not setting an alarm

Flowers for my dining room table

A Sunday afternoon walk around the neighborhood while listening to a favorite podcast

A new pillow

Some new songs to blast really loud in the car on the way to/from a Lincoln

Remembering joy in some hard moments too

Fuzzy blankets and tea

So many awesome pastors in my life

Tortilla chips

A project to get excited about

A cozy sweater

Feeling refreshed and ready for another work week

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