31 Days of Joy

Joy in Imperfection

I hated last night’s blog post.

I loved the topic. I was honest in everything I said. I just didn’t feel like a good post to me. I wanted to delete it. I wanted to at least start over or maybe put it off and try that topic again a different day. I wanted perfection.

I posted it anyway.

There have actually be many in this month I haven’t really liked.

I’ve posted them anyway.

I feared that they aren’t as good as some of my other posts and wondered if people will be annoyed.

I keep posting anyway.

And I keep posting imperfect blogs because the whole point of this 31 blog challenge was to enjoy writing more and to focus on joy. If I stress myself out every night trying to get the “perfect post,” I’m not attaining either of those things.

Joy in imperfection means “okay” is okay.

Joy in imperfection means I have grace for myself (and not just in blogging).

Joy in imperfection allows space to grow.

Joy in imperfection feels approachable and real.

So even though I want to give up and abandon ship on this #31daysofjoy challenge, I will keep showing up. Because even in this, I’m discovering joy.

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