About Rebekah


I’m a Kansas-born girl who found herself transplanted to Buffalo, NY for nine years before moving back to her college (cornfield-surrounded) town of Seward, NE to work at her alma mater, Concordia University, NE in 2019. As the Director in Student Life Office, I am blessed to be able to focus on ministry to, with, and through the incredible students at Concordia. Getting to know, lead, and serve 1,200 college students isn’t always easy, but I love my job and the people I get to work with each day!

Outside of work, I enjoy going for walks, writing, playing piano or guitar, singing, cooking, baking, blogging, reading, hanging out with friends, hammocking, and making trips to see my family back in KS and NY. 

Alongside my full-time job, I am also in grad school online at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I plan to graduate in May 2022 with a Master’s in Discipleship, Crisis Response, and Trauma. I hope to use this to better serve my students as they walk through challenging moments of their life and process past trauma, all through a lens of personal and faith growth. 

Amidst all the challenges life may bring, I am so unbelievably blessed and that’s what this blog is about… the many joys and blessings in my work, in my family, in my life.  God has given me so much and even when the rough times come, He never ceases to amaze me with His ability to bring beauty from the ashes, blessing from confusing or hurtful situations, and joy from pain.

I invite you to take this journey with me as I seek to focus on the blessings in my life and to live in the joy of Christ.

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4 thoughts on “About Rebekah”

  1. Hello Bekah!

    I met you (again) last night at the Philippians Bible Study with my sister, Kathy Gibson. I mentioned to her that she could tell you that I thought you did a great job and that I passed on the YouTube video to my Pastor, Pastor Sorenson, at my church, Grace Lutheran, in Niagara Falls and that he liked it – but I thought I’d do it myself after checking out your blog. You did/do a fantastic, and thorough, job on it – just as you did with Bible Study last night. It seems you are fully enjoying your time here, and getting the full flavor of the area. And, maybe more importantly, giving First Trinity your very best!! I think MANY people are VERY thankful you survived the car wreck! You’ve done some things I haven’t – and I’ve lived here my entire life! Thanks for last night – and your entertaining, and spiritually full, blog.

    Mark Binkley

  2. Hey Bekka -love your joyfullyblessed pages and your ministry. I belong to Trinity Lutheran in Lockport and am organizing a 1 hour Praise concert to benefit our mission “Lockport Cares” which is a homeless shelter here in Lockport. I was wondering if your group would like to participate. You would only do 2 numbers of your choice. I will be having five or six others participants as well. It is on February 9th a Wednesday night at our church from 7-8. Email me back and let me know. God’s tremendous Peace! Sherry (P.S. Karen Cassidy is my sister)

  3. Hey Rebekah:)
    Hope u doing well and good by God’s grace. No wonder God’s grace is what takes us through…:).Read ur recent post on 5 min friday…and loved these lines..

    “So let’s breathe deep today living in the grace of God. Let’s breathe deep today when things don’t go our way. Let’s breathe deep as a way to stop and recognize God’s control in whatever situation we’re in. Let’s breathe deep and be still… knowing that He is God. “…here’s my post and blog…visit it weneva u get time:)

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