Rebekah Freed


I’m a Kansas-born girl who found herself transplanted to Buffalo, NY for nine years before moving back to her college town of Seward, NE to work at her alma mater, Concordia University, NE in 2019. As the Director in Student Life Office, I am blessed to be able to focus on ministry to, with, and through the incredible students at Concordia. Getting to know, lead, and serve 1,200 college students isn’t always easy, but I love my job and the people I get to work with each day!

44281370_10215775708284388_6000324562418401280_nOutside of work, I enjoy going for walks, writing, playing piano or guitar, singing, cooking, baking, blogging, reading, hanging out with friends, travelling, hammocking, making trips to see my family in KS and NY, and celebrating the everyday joys of life (often with confetti!!!)

281697630_10225817367999605_5351391782080353415_nI received a Master’s Degree in May 2022 in Discipleship with an emphasis in Crisis Response and Trauma. I pray this helps me serve my students better as they walk through challenging moments of their life and process past trauma, all through a lens of personal and faith growth. I use a lot of what I’ve learned in speaking and leading workshops for youth and church leaders regarding discipleship in the hardest moments of life.

121241542_10222013886394942_5781967492505691685_nAmidst all the challenges life may bring, I am so unbelievably blessed and that’s what this blog is about… the many joys and blessings in my work, in my family, in my life.  God has given me so much and even when the rough times come, He never ceases to amaze me with His ability to bring beauty from the ashes, blessing from confusing or hurtful situations, and joy from pain.