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What endures…

I would be lying if I tried to say my heart doesn’t hurt for the people impacted by the storm the last few days.   I am especially drawn to the people of the NYC area because of having the chance this past summer to serve there with a team of young adult missionaries.  Each picture, news article, and personal report from people suffering, draws me closer to this city and increases my desire to get back there as soon as it is possible to help the people impacted by this storm.  One picture this morning especially caught my heart.  The picture itself doesn’t look that bad; however, the caption left me speechless.

“Multiple trees down in Van Cortlandt Park as well as around Manhattan college. Construction at apartment building disturbed as well.”

I walked past those apartments just a few months ago.  And those trees down in that park… our team planted some of them this past June.
Now, I understand these are just trees and I really am just thanking God that the death toll wasn’t higher than it is and am praying for those who lost so much.  However, those trees bring even more meaning and even some comfort because of something we talked about the night after we planted those trees while on our trip:
As we debriefed the day, we were talking about what a great feeling it was to know we were doing something that could possible last hundreds of years… to be making a long-term impact.  But then, God took us one step farther, and for that, I am so grateful, especially since those trees likely didn’t even make one year.  Our discussion that night in NYC continued around Isaiah 40:8 which says:
The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever.
The trees may fall.  God remains.
Or how about his one from a few chapters later:
“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.  When you pass through the waters; I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the Lord, your God… you are precious and honored in my sight and I love you.” (Isaiah 43:1-4)
What a beautiful reminder in the midst of the tragedy and destruction!  In the midst of change and trial and destruction, God remains. And He love us.  In a time that would be easy to ask “WHY?!?” we can instead turn and lean on the One who is always there… who see each of His children as precious and honored… the One who is our great Protector and Provider.
And as we cry out, “Lord, have mercy!”  We know He hears and answers because His Word says so, and His Word stands forever!
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Prayers From Central Park

On Sunday, I, along with a couple other team members on our NYC Mission Trip, had the opportunity to stand in Central Park and ask people for any prayer requests they have while handing out free water.  Even though some were shared in a joking manner out of spite or to mock us for even asking, I’ve included even those below along with the serious requests because, in reality, the people requesting could use the prayer, prayers to know Jesus.  Please join me in lifting up these strangers, including the ones that walked by without sharing.  Pray that our team’s obedience to follow God’s call to simply ask, would leave a mark on their heart and draw each of them closer to Jesus.  From sunbathers who clearly didn’t know much about this “prayer” thing to the Catholic priest on his way home from mass, from tourists from London to the woman who thought she needed to PAY us for her prayer, we were blessed by each interaction behind the requests below and opportunities to share what we were doing and even more so, the God behind it all.

Please join us in lifting these people to God, that they would know the unfailing love of Jesus!

  • Kevin Taylor
  • Xav Lapointe
  • Pray for more people to do good. And be happy w/less.
  • Good luck, love and harmony
  • my dog, Penny has awful stomach ulcers. Please pray for her.
  • World peace and justice for ALL
  • My Children’s health and well-being
  • My granddad died 1 month ago
  • For no smoking in the park
  • For Kristine
  • Good vibes and all the people
  • my brother Conor and his football team
  • Dennis, so that he doesn’t have to use his cane anymore, and his family
  • World peace
  • Brother, Mario and sister, Olga
  • Arthur Baez Garcia
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Day 5 Wrap Up – And the Journey Has Just Begun

Today we packed up the vans and made a stop at The Wartburg Adult Care Community before hitting the road.  Here we had a blast interacting with residents and sharing Jesus with them.  After our 8 hour ride home, we gathered to end with a devotion.  However, this end, by design was more of a beginning, or at least a part of the process of being able to see, serve, and share Christ in our everyday lives.  The friendships and memories made on this trip will last because we truly are each members of the Body of Christ, a family.

One of the last car challenges (a game we played between the cars with walkie talkies) involved everyone (except the drivers) texting me a few summary thoughts about the trip.  Enjoy reading how lives were changed, mostly OURS:


“Lots of fun. Lots of laughter. Lots of walking. Lots of seeing. Lots of sharing. Lots of learning. Lots of new. Lots of trains. Lots of challenges. Lots of awesomeness!” – Kristina

“This trip has been amazing seeing God work through all the people on this trip and the people we met. The Holy Spirit was with us and I will never forget blowing bubbles, planting tress, and Dorothy as we were the church this week.” – John

“An absolutely incredible experience that changed my outlook on church in such a new and positive way outside of the building.  It was a weekend of love, God, and new friends and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 ” ~ Alexa

“Church is everywhere. I never thought of it like that until I jumped in headfirst in NYC.  I have one word that best sums up our mission: awe-inspiring.” – Jon

“Chilling in the city has never had more purpose.” – Ben

“I loved going on this trip because we not only got to sight-see but we learned what it meant to be the church.  I also loved getting to know and laugh with all the people on this trip.” – Megan

“My view of church has changed. Church is everywhere and this trip has challenged me to look for God in unexpected places.” ~ Anna

“We went into this trip ready to experience the many different forms of Church. We witnessed the amazing work being done at the U.N. and the way St. Paul’s chapel responded to the extreme need that arose after September 11th.  We planted tress, blew bubbles, and wrote with chalk all over the city.  At every stop along our trip, we experienced God’s grace and endless love.  Churches are never perfect and come in a variety of styles, appearances, and denominations. Despite our imperfections we still are blessed to be able to tell the world of a perfect love.  A message the world, and all of us, need to hear and experience time and time again. (see 1 John 3:18)”  ~ Jeremiah

(Bekah and Nate were driving, but think the trip was pretty sweet too!)

We cannot thank all of you enough for your prayers!

Megan, Nate, Anna Jon
Kristina, John, Jeremiah, Ben, Alexa, Bekah

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NYC Mission Trip – Day 5 Prayers and Devotion

Monday June 4 – Day 5

Today we wrap up our trip and head to Buffalo.  Our morning begins serving at the Wartburg Adult Care Community in Mount Vernon, NY before beginning our eight hour journey home.  Thanks again for joining us on the journey!


Read Isaiah 6:1-8 with us and reflect on these questions:

  • This passage is often used as people first leave on a mission trips (especially the last verse which says: Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”).  Why might we want to focus on it now, at the end of a trip.
  • What are your most common excuses to God when you hear his call to serve?


  • Pray for energy as we are all exhausted and achy from all the walking and carrying things around the city.
  • Bless our interactions with the people at the Wartburg Adult Care Community that we may be a light to them.
  • Pray for safe and quick travels back home to Buffalo.
  • Ask God to help us carry what we’ve learned here into our everyday lives… to truly come back transformed!


  • Find one of the mission trip members you know and ask them about their trip.  Specifically ask them what they learned about what church is and how they plan to make their lives different because of this trip.
  • Ask YOURSELF to stop and listen to where God’s may be asking you: “Whom shall I send?”  Once you see that place, what are you going to do about it?
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Day 4 Recap – “What’s the Catch?”

Have you ever tried to truly give away something for free?  Whether it’s simply passing along your cart at Aldi’s without wanting a quarter back or doing a car wash “just because”, people aren’t used to others just simply doing good without some ulterior motives.  Our teams discovered this in even greater ways today as they set out with the task of serving others, meetings needs, and simply BEING the church wherever they ended up.  The three groups we divided into today gathered back together tonight and shared their day over some good ol’ NY pizza.  The countless stories of the day made me think about what it must be like when God tries to give us His beautiful grace and love for free and instead we try to earn it, work for it, pay for it, or ignore it.   As you read the stories of God at work through our teams today, remember God loves you… it’s free… you need it… and He gives generously.

Team A – Nate, Alexa, and Anna – “There’s no permit for that!”

When we split up in Grand Central Station, Team A headed out to worship with the body of Christ at Forefront Church on Lexington Avenue.  They appreciated the interactive nature of the service and the sermon.  At times the Pastor would stop talking and have them talk to the people around them answering questions based on the theme.  One example they are still pondering was: “If all jobs paid the same, what would you do?”

On their way out of church and over to Central park, they decided to hand out food to whoever would take it.  Each time the train stopped they would run to the next car and see who they could SHARE with.  This continued all day, giving what they could to whoever was there whether there was an obvious need or not.

As they walked through Central Park they spent some time talking with 5-year old Mya and her mom who had come to the park because Mya was SO excited about painting and decided to do hand paintings for 25 cents each.  Throughout their time in the park they plastered places with post-it notes with encouraging messages reminding people they were loved or to pay attention to the beauty around them.

Their next grand plan was to make people smile in Grand Central Terminal while people waited for their trains.  Through an interactive activity with words and pictures, they were finding success until they were told they needed a permit.  If they were selling something, video taping something, or handing out literature they would have been able to obtain a permit.  However, the lady, smiling the entire time, basically told them, “There’s really no permit for just doing good.” and they literally got kicked out of the main concourse Grand Central Terminal.  (The fear was that if a large crowd formed, it could obstruct traffic flow.)  Feeling slightly discouraged they put a few more notes around, but then remembered that “being the Church” is also about growing closer with other Christians and spent a good amount of time just sharing their faith with each other while they waited for the other teams to return.

Team B – Jeremiah, Jon, John, and Megan – “Here, There, and Everywhere”

Team B headed over to Advent Lutheran Church on Broadway and were blow away by the welcoming nature of the church.  By the time they got to the passing of the peace their names had spread and every single person in the area they were in greeted them BY NAME!  Being Holy Trinity Sunday, the pastor preached on the Isaiah text which ends with Isaiah saying, “Here I am, Send me!”  This message and the welcome they received put them in the right mindset to head out and see what God had in store for them.

As they said, “Here we are,” they did so ” ALL OVER MANHATTAN.  Sidewalk chalk in hand, they plastered the sidewalks of the city with encouraging messages.  At one point, a little while in to their adventures, one of the group members said to another, “This isn’t working!” But before he could even finish his sentence, a woman walked up and exclaimed,  “That’s a beautiful message!” Being encouraged, they continued their journey all over Manhattan posting things like “You are beautiful.” or “God is love!” by the dock for the Staten Island Ferry or on the paths of Central Park. They shared challenges too, like “Call someone you love.” in places like Times Square and on random street corners.

The simplicity of it stood out, especially in Times Square.  Despite all the flashy lights and giant screens, the simplicity of some chalk on the sidewalk truly did catch people’s eyes, and prayerfully their hearts.

Team C – Bekah, Ben, Kristina – “No, really, what’s the catch?!?”

Team C worshiped with the people of God at Church of All Nations Lutheran Church.  While the three of them made up one sixth of the congregation, including the pastor and the worship band (that’s 18 people total in attendance for the math-challenged), each of them walked away energized by their worship experience and ready to serve.  We even got invited to basically attend one of the worship band member’s birthday party at the back of the church as they talked to us about what we were doing in the city.  We wrapped up our time there by giving them a piece of the sending cloth and praying for their ministry which mainly reaches out to community members involved in music and theater during the week and on Saturday nights.

Heading out the doors of the church building and onto the street, Team C made a quick stop at Walgreens to pick up as much bottled water as we could carry the half mile to Central Park.  They “set up shop” along one of the bike, running, walking paths and began handing out water to the people passing by.  As people stopped to ask why we were giving away watter (if they didn’t just ignore us or refuse to believe that there wasn’t a catch) we had opportunities to share what we were doing and why.  Then we asked them if they had anything we could pray about for them.  Once the 4 dozen bottles of water were gone, we transitioned and just asked people to leave their prayer requests in a bag we had there.  While we were saddened at times by the responses of people who “already covered their prayer for the day this morning” or tried to pay us to pray for them, it was a great joy it was to bring the back to the whole group and pray over them tonight! (Blog post coming Tuesday with Central Park Prayers).

On our way to find the subway back to Grand Central, we came upon two boys who simply needed some help finding the zoo in Central Park.  While we easily could have ignored them or just pointed them in the general direction, all three of us just “knew” that God wanted us to walk them all the way there, down the block and on the complete OPPOSITE side of Central Park (which is HUGE by the way!).  They were appreciative and we were changed by the interactions we got to have with them along our journey.


Over all, a theme arose between the groups that it was surprisingly difficult to do good around the city mainly because people were so skeptical.  NOTHING is free in New York and we were definitely breaking the mold.  However, that just goes to show we were right in the midst of God’s will for us today.  Check out these verses we looked at a couple of days ago to see what I mean:

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of Gods mercy, to offer you bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God- this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:1-2)

We DEFINITELY were not conforming to the pattern of the world today and in doing so, we realized tonight that God really is transforming us as He renews our minds.  None of what we did today was difficult, expensive, or time-consuming to plan.  We just simply set out with open eyes asking God to show us people we could love.  As we receive God’s love, unexpected and undeserved, may we simply accept the beautiful free-ness of it and pass it on to those around us.  Really, there is no catch, and there never will be!

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NYC Mission Trip – Day 4 Prayers and Devotions

Happy Sunday!

What a wonderful joy to know that people all over the world are gathering today to worship our Savior, Jesus Christ. Reflecting on our theme for the trip “This is Church” we’ve been focusing so far on “being the church” in our everyday life… of finding time (like a morning commute) to get into God’s Word on our own, of seeing needs around us and meeting them, of serving others… but we can’t forget another very important function of the Church: the actual act of Christians gathering together to support and encourage each other as we study and worship our King together on a consistent basis.

In our exploration of “this is church” our team will split up into three groups and worship with three different congregations in Manhattan this morning. I already can’t wait to gather back together tonight and hear about these different experiences. Our afternoon is also bound to produce many stories as each of the three groups will head out after worship with one main simple goal: to meet needs… to use their collective gifts to BE the church. Our theme for the day is SHARE and the prayer is that with open eyes and hearts, our teams would find people they can impact in big or small ways. Whether it’s praying with someone that needs it or sharing their lunch with someone who is hungry, I truly believe that God is going to use our team to reveal himself to people in NYC today!


Sunday June 3 – Day 4 – SHARE


Read Romans 12:9-21 with us and reflect on these questions:

  • What do these verses have to do with the theme “this is church”?
  • In what ways do you see Christians as a whole living these verses out and where could we maybe step it up?
  • Some people think that they can “be the church” alone… never gathering together with other Christians in worship or study. Why is this not true?


  • Pray for interactions we may have as we SHARE in worship at the churches we attend this morning as well as anyone the teams may meet this afternoon… that they would have many opportunities to SHARE Christ.
  • Pray specifically for each team (Team A – Nate, Alexa, and Anna; Team B- Jeremiah, Jon, John, and Megan; Team C: Bekah, Ben, and Kristina) that as we walk around, God would give us eyes to see needs and the people whose needs we meet would have eyes to see Him. Ask him to open our eyes to our own gifts, talents and passions and opportunities to use them to SHARE him.
  • Pray for pastors around the world today (including your own) as they seek to effectively SHARE God’s Word.
  • Pray for energy for the mission before us as we’ve already had a couple LONG days.
  • Pray for our team as we wrap up the main debriefing tonight and prepare to come back to Buffalo tomorrow. Ask God to bless our reentry so that what we’ve learned and experienced here becomes an everyday part of our life… that we would BE the Church.


  • As you read through Romans 12:9-21 pick one area in which you want God to grow you spiritually and focus on that each day for the next week. Perhaps you struggle with pride (vs 16) and want to ask God to help you be more “willing to associate with people of low position.” Or maybe you’re in a situation where it would be really easy to want revenge, but instead you ask God to help you to, “as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (vs 18). Maybe you want learn to be more “faithful in prayer” (vs 12) or how to “practice hospitality” (vs 13).
  • Think of one friend or family with whom you might want to SHARE Jesus. Begin praying everyday for their heart and for opportunities to SHARE the beautiful truth of our Savior.
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NYC Day 3 Recap – Dirt, Dye, and a Delicious Dinner

Today, we journeyed from Bronxville, to the Bronx, to Brooklyn and back. (FYI: that’s a lot of train time!)

We dug deep in dirt, got covered in dye, and ate a delicious dinner.

We had green thumbs… and green toes (and arms, and legs, and faces, oh… and some of the green got on the canvas.).

We saw more sights, served in suburbs, and shared our Savior.

Our journey of exploring the theme “this is church” truly blew our minds and rocked our world today.

As we set out with the goal to SERVE in Jesus’ name, we saw Romans 12:3-8 jump off the page and come to life.  From park staff sharing their passion of caring for God’s creation, to Pastor Ben McKelahan inviting us to join him in using art (“and it doesn’t even have to be good art!”) to share Christ, we saw the various gifts and talents God has gifted people with rise up, along with the courage in those gifts to step up and SERVE using them.

We made art in the park by chasing down dye-filled bubbles to catch them on foam board, and in doing so we were able to share the joy of Christ with people who joined us and invite them to Pastor Ben’s church* to continue conversations about art, faith, and life. In these moments, we were certainly not “conforming to the pattern of this world” and as we did so, God’s plan for our day was clearly obvious. (*Side note, in saying “Pastor Ben’s Church”, don’t think of a typical church building, some of his worship services look more like making bubble paintings in the park than sitting in pews singing.  Check out his blog, linked above.)

A cool God opportunity that came out of that, was that it “just so happened” that the camera crew filming the Bushwick art festival arrived at the same time we did at the art gallery our project was based out of.  Ben and Nate got to share about our project, and therefore about Jesus, on a live internet stream!

In the morning, while planting over 1,000 trees and 3,000 shrubs and flowers at a park in the Bronx, we saw two boys with special needs in need of some positive encouragement.  I witnessed almost every single one of our group members step up and seek out opportunities to encourage them, inviting them to help us, keeping them busy and focused on the task at hand. We even got to see their gifts of a sense of humor and passion for the task shine through as well!

I was also caught by the fact that it took A LOT of people to plant those trees.  While the park staff was there directing and helping, there was no way they would have been able to plant all of those trees without the help of the 50 people or so that showed up.  But, with that many people all working together we accomplished the task in a few hours and the impact will remain for possibly hundreds of years. In the same way, God calls us, the Church to bind together, using our various gifts and talents to make an impact.

It is really difficult for me to explain today and how were able to SERVE in Jesus’ name, but perhaps the best way to do so is in sharing what one of my group members said on the train ride home: (loosely quoted) “I guess I just realized that the Church is just SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought of before!  Really, anything can be church… life is church.”

And now, enjoy some pictures from today that perhaps reveal more than words ever could:

Planting Trees in Van Cordtland Park (The Bronx)

Nate and Ben being interviewed about our Art Incarnate Project for a live internet stream:



Art Incarnate Project at Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn, NY:

Art Incarnate Project by the Art Gallery:

NYC Mission Trip

NYC Mission Trip – Day 3 Prayers and Devotions

We hope and pray these prayer and devotion guides have been, and continue to be, a blessing to you.  We have definitely been feeling your prayers for us!

Today, our team gets to jump into action and get a little dirty too!  This morning we will join with neighborhood members to clean up and plant trees in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.  In the afternoon we’ll head to Central park to be a part of an art outreach project.  I’m not exactly sure of the details of what has been planned for us to do there, but from what I do know it sounds like it will be awesome!   Our theme for the day is SERVE and we are excited for the opportunity to do just that in NYC today and are praying you find ways to SERVE in your own life. .

Please use the following ideas as you pray for us today and know that we are praying for you as well!

Saturday June 2 – Day 3 – SERVE


Read Romans 12:3-8 with us and reflect on these questions:

  • Where did you see people using their unique gifts today/this week?
  • What sometimes keeps us from stepping up and using the gifts God’s given us?
  • What is one gift, whether listed in the passage or not, that you could use to SERVE the church?
  • How does the SERVE mentality help us to break out of “the pattern of this world” we talked about yesterday?


  • Pray for interactions we may have as we serve alongside community members in Van Cortlandt Park. Pray that as we help them make new their park, that we might have opportunity to share about our Jesus who, in Revelation 21:5 says, “Look, I am making everything new!”
  • Pray also for the man coordinating our project in Central Park today and that through it people may know Jesus.
  • Pray for us and and yourself, that God would help you SEE ways to SERVE in your home, jobs, church, and beyond.
  • Pray for continued energy and strength during long days of our trip and for the relationships developing between team members.


  • As we use our gifts to serve in NYC today, what is one place you can go out of your way to SERVE someone today?
  • Plan an activity to do with your family or a group of friends to SERVE others in the next week or so.
  • For those of you who attend First Trinity, perhaps you might want to get connected with some service opportunities that happen regularly like cooking or serving for Friends of Night People or joining the Saturday morning maintenance crew.  Ask God to reveal to you (or remind you of) what gifts he’s given you and then USE them.
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NYC Day 2 Recap – SEE!

If you read our post from this morning you’ll recall that today’s sub theme on our trip was SEE… and yes, we did SEE a lot today.  In the morning we challenged you to pay attention to what you saw today.  Here is a list of just a few of the things WE saw today:

  • UN
  • a lot of people
  • vendors
  • The Freedom Tower
  • St. Paul’s Chapel
  • Time Square
  • People in need
  • A giant inflatable ketchup bottle
  • Lots of M&Ms
  • Sponge Bob
  • Nate throw $250 in the air
  • Elmo in Time Square taking pictures on an iphone
  • A mother playing and smiling with her son
  • Break dancers
  • A cemetery
  • A dad carrying his daughter, her head resting on his shoulder as they made their way down the street
  • Construction workers
  • The richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor

As I think about all of these things we saw today… the funny… the serious… the flat out ridiculous… I think about the question that titles First Trinity’s current sermon series: Can You See Him?

Can you see Jesus?  Can you see the Church?

Some people may wonder what the touristy nature of our schedule today has to do with being on a “mission trip,” but today we had the chance to just walk around with our eyes wide open… seeing new things… and in them, yes, seeing Jesus.

Each day we’re using the time we’re on the train between NYC and Bronxville to debrief the day in some “train talk” discussion groups.  A question from today’s discussions was, “Where did you see the church today?”  Sharing these God-sightings was such a powerful way to end this first day… realizing that it’s not always about “going on a mission trip” but rather, BEING the church in our everyday lives, just like we witnessed it as we walked around NYC today.

To close, we wanted to share just a few of the stories of where we saw God/the church in action today and invite you to share your own in the comments!

  • Some of our group members had the opportunity to give the extra snacks that they gave us at the UN to a double amputee in the street.
  • At the UN we were able to be reminded about how big the Lutheran church really is, how they’re working in the UN, and hear about the impact they’re have on a global level.
  • All of us agreed that we saw God/the Church in visiting St. Paul’s Chapel. One of the few buildings near the WTC unharmed in 9/11, it became a home base for rescue operations in the days and months after the attacks. Pews became beds and doctors office tables. Support flowed in from outside to make it possible to meet the needs of the workers while they met the needs of others. This church could have been concerned about itself, but in the midst of the chaos around them, they simply saw the needs around them and met it. THAT is the church!
  •  We saw and heard about people working in their gifts and passions to make an impact for Christ. From our guest speaker at the UN passionate about the church’s part in environmental issues, to another speaker’s passion for youth… from pictures of rescue workers working tirelessly in the days after 9/11 to cooks, counselors, massage therapists, doctors, nurses and more using their gifts to meet the needs of the rescue workers… from the pastor giving comfort in Christ to a child’s picture taped to the back of a church pew that a rescue worker was catching a few hours of sleep on… from musicians in the subway to waiters in restaurants… we witnessed the truth of God gifting us uniquely for a purpose.

Can you see Him? Can the world see His care and compassion, His determination and desire to impact, His ability to see needs and meet them.  As we wrap up “SEE” day and head into “SERVE” and “SHARE” our prayer is that the city of NYC will SEE God in us, the Church.

NYC Mission Trip

NYC Day 1 Recap – Hippos, plastic forks, and an abundance of cereal

As I settle into my cozy dorm room (and smelly… as all dorms are) at Concordia Bronxville, I can’t help but smile.  In thinking about the ways I’ve seen this team, some members who never met each other before today, already begin to grow and develop since we started this journey 10 hours ago, I truly can’t WAIT for the days ahead of us.

From challenges between cars including writing a rap about hippos (“Hippo! Hippo! Hungry Hungry Hippo!) to asking toll booth drivers for forks… from randomness like asking Siri what she does on her days off, to more serious discussion about illnesses and recent deaths in a family… God is already working in building up this team to serve him.  I have a feeling, that he’s just going to knock our socks off.

Most of all, I’m excited about the extreme amount of laughter that has been shared and pray it continues in all that we do.

Well we’ve got to leave to catch our train into the city in just over 7 hours, so I better get some sleep.  Be sure to follow us in my twitter feed to the right and/or checkout the twitter hashtag #serveNYC to see everyone’s posts. Also check back around 8:00 a.m. for another post about what our plan is for Friday and some ways you can pray for us.

(P.S. Thanks to all the First Trinity members who brought food and supplies for the trip… we barely could fit it all in the van!  What a blessing!  So, Pastor Chuck and Susan, if you see random, unopened boxes of cereal under you van seats when we get back, it’s just because we missed all of our hiding places where we put them to fit it all in!)