Workshops and Speaking

Rebekah enjoys sharing what she’s learned with youth and adults. Below are some past workshops she’s led, but feel free to contact her with other topic needs related to rest, Sabbath, mental health, trauma, and crisis response.

How to Have a Bad Day: Finding Rest in an Exhausting World

Join us for a fun, interactive session learning what God’s word says about rest and discovering together some practical ways to take care of ourselves, especially on the hard days. Participants walk away with a personalized plan and tools to deal with daily stresses and potential crises as they learn to live in the abundant LIFE God desires for us… a life overflowing with peace, joy, and REST!

1 Session | 45-60 Minutes | Youth or Adults
Optional Suggestion: Pair with an activity to create a “Bad Day Kit” for each participant

Explode Your Bible

God’s Word is relevant to our every day life, but sometimes it is challenging to know where to start with such a large book. This session helps participants understand the value of daily interacting with God in His Word. “Explode Your Bible” labels are a tool to mark your Bible in such a way that you can quickly find applicable Scripture to a variety of topics. Whether you’re trying to seek God’s wisdom on your own or encourage your friends or family with Scripture, this is a great way to mark your Bible or to give one as a gift.

1-4 Sessions | 60-90 minutes each | Youth or Adults

Hope Deferred; Dreams Fulfilled

Proverbs 13:12 says that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” This study looks at various people throughout scripture who wrestled with deferred hope as we figure out how to handle our own hearts with grace when longing and discontent creep in.

1 Session or a 3 session retreat | 45-60 Minutes | College Students or Adults