Crossroads, First Trinity

When You go to Bed Tonight…

I just finished eating dinner.  It was warm.  It included aspects from various food groups.  There were leftovers (which I’ll enjoy tomorrow for lunch too).  I will go to bed content, in a warm bed.


Yet. every night, including tonight, more than a billion people will go to bed hungry. That’s 1 in 6 people on the planet.


Some people may say, “Well there’s nothing we can really do about it… there will always be hungry kids… people will continue dying from hunger.  That’s just the way it is. ”


Well, those of us participating this weekend in the 30 Hour Famine say, they’re wrong and want to DO something to make a difference. 


God’s Word tells us that he desires a world where “those who were hungry hunger no more” (1 Samuel 2:5). God also says that true worship is “to loose the chains of injustice,” “to set the oppressed free,” and “to share your food with the hungry” (Isaiah 58:6-7).

So that’s what we’re going to do this weekend. We’ll go without so others can eat, because it’s not OK to sit here while hunger kills another 8,000 kids today. It’s not OK to let apathy have the last word. Not when we can write a different story for the planet.

Please know that these posts are not to make you feel guilty, but rather we challenge you to get involved.  Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Pray for those of us participating in the famine that we would be challenged to make a difference and have the energy and strength to go without so other may have.
  • Sponsor us this weekend financially.  Every $30 we raise feeds and cares a kid for a month.  That means for $360 a child will experience an entire year of not having to go to bed hungry.
  • Check out to see other ways you can impact lives all over the world.

Come back here tomorrow to hear more information about people who are hungry here in WNY and what the students will be doing to make a difference.

Bekah's Heart, Life Lessons Learned in the Kitchen

It’s Kinda Like Making Bread…

Upon returning home from work today, I decided I would NOT try to go out to volleyball tonight.  The roads weren’t too bad but after almost getting stuck 3 times going in/out of the church parking lot today, I decided not to press my luck (for lack of a better phrase).  Instead, seeing multiple unused yeast packets in my fridge, I decided to make some bread. 


As this process has gone on this evening, I’ve realized that sometimes what God is doing in our life is kind of a lot like making bread, especially the process of kneading the dough. 


There seem to be a rhythm to it… a process… repeated… necessary … for the bread to turn out.  


Knead.  Rest.  Rise.  Knead.  Rest.  Rise.


I feel like we’re constantly somewhere in this process as God shapes us into who he wants us to be.  As I look back over the past few months, I see God working in my life like a baker works with dough.  There have been some areas of my life where God has come and said, “Let me knead some Truth into that, Bekah.”


DSCF9213But kneading it’s not always a pleasant process.  Some descriptors in the kneading section of the recipe I used tonight were “punch,”  “squeeze,”  “stretch,” “pound,” “twist”.  When we think about the possibility of God doing these things in our lives… to our hearts, it does not sound like a very fun process.  


Oh, but God understands the need to knead. 


He’s got to work that yeast, His Truth, through our whole lives.  Sometimes that truth comes like a punch to the gut.  Other times he needs to stretch us out of our comfort zone.  Sometimes it comes as a pound on the door of our heart simply saying, “Something’s not right here. Let me fix it.” 


As God continues to knead our lives, it hurts, but it’s good.  It also takes time.  Those 10 minutes (or 10 hours, or 10 months, or 10 years) seem like forever, but God knows the perfect amount of time needed to knead. 


I also realized that the process isn’t exactly the most exciting for the Kneader as well… the punching, the squeezing, the stretching, the pounding, the twisting… it’s hard work.  And maybe that’s what it means to know that we are His “workmanship”. 


DSCF9214 And then, in the perfect time, the kneading ends, at least for a while, and the dough is shaped and placed in a ball in a bowl, covered with a towel and left alone. 


Sometimes when God’s been working on us for so long… for those 10 days or weeks or months or years, it kind of seems weird for the kneading to stop.  I mean it seems in my life that just when I get used to the kneading, and finally believe the Baker for its necessity, that’s when He says, “Okay, now it’s time to rest.”  Sometimes it even feels as if I’ve simply been beat up and left alone.  But God does not leave, he only knows our need to rest and let His Truth do its work… to rise up in our hearts and bring healing to the areas where he’s punched, squeezed, and stretched us.


But again, that’s often not the end of the process.  After the certain time… known by the Baker alone, the process begins again…. the punching, the pounding, the twisting, the shaping.  Again, it’s crucial, it has to happen.  There is a need for our lives to be kneaded… shaped again and again by the Master Baker.


And then He tells us to rest once more, letting Truth rise up in our hearts.


Again and again this process takes place.


Knead.  Rest.  Rise.  Knead.  Rest.  Rise.


Through the process we just have to trust that He knows what He’s doing.  The dough doesn’t knead itself… the dough doesn’t know how long to wait in the resting period… the dough doesn’t know how many times it needs to be kneaded before going to the oven.  But the Baker does. 


Lord, teach me to give in to Your kneading… Your pounding, Your twisting, Your stretching and squeezing… and help me to rest when I just need to let your Truth rise up in my soul.



December 26th.

(A re-post from a few years ago).


Well, officially, in the view of the world, Christmas is over.

All this hype leading up to that one day, December 25th.

We celebrate Jesus or we celebrate Santa.

The stockings that were hung by the chimney with care are now getting put back into boxes for next year.

We got up early that one day to see what Santa brought us.

The gifts that took time and energy and patience to stand in long lines, carefully hide and wrap beautifully are now torn open and strewn about the house, some games never to be played again.

Relatives travel home, decorations come down, sales at the mall begin to fade after a few days, and then we all sit around and wait another 365 days to do it all again right?


Why can’t we celebrate Christmas everyday?

Why not hang our worries like stockings each night and wake up to see that God has replaced them with joy.

Why not get up early every morning, anxious to see what God has planned for us for that day?

Why not give the actual gifts of time, energy, and patience and go out to serve others?

Why not have relatives come just for the fun of it to enjoy their presence?

Why not decorate our hearts with the love, joy, peace, and hope of Christ’s birth each and every day?

Instead of waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus in 365 days, why not wait eagerly for THE day…. the day he’s coming back to take all those who believe to heaven with him?


Why not have Christmas everyday?!?!?!

MERRY CHRISTMAS… today and everyday!